Heavy Duty Dollies & Machine Skates

AMERICAN-MADE, low profile, heavy duty equipment dollies and machine skates used for moving, rolling, transporting and rigging heavy industrial loads, sizable equipment and large machinery.

Guaranteed by an exclusive, unmatched, industry-leading 10-year warranty.


Rotating Machine Skates

RT series rotating machine skates provide the most versatile option for moving industrial heavy loads and equipment.  One or more rotating heavy duty dollies can be placed under a heavy load for excellent maneuverability.

3-Point Equipment Dollies

SFT series 3-point heavy duty machinery dolly systems utilize the combination of a steerable, swivel pad machine skate with a set of fixed travel machine skates creating three points of contact with the heavy load.  This system is a classic heavy rigging industry setup that stands the test of time.

Made in USA - American Flag - American Made

Made in America

TechimpexUSA manufactures and sells its own line of heavy duty dollies and machine skates in Canton, Texas USA.

TechimpexUSA has been producing high quality machine skates and heavy duty dollies for over 25 years.

All heavy duty machine dolly models are backed by a 10-year warranty.

Individual Heavy Duty Dollies

IFT series individual heavy duty dollies are the most cost effective model offered when moving a heavy piece of machinery or equipment.  The single machine skate model holds enormous weight for its size.  Heavy industrial loads moved with IFT individual heavy duty dollies will only track in only one direction. 


Steerable Heavy Duty Dolly

ST steerable machine skates are designed with a 360 degree rotating swivel pad which allow the heavy duty dollies to turn freely underneath a piece of heavy machinery being moved.  The heavy duty reinforced handle and eye hook allows the steerable machine skate to be used for pushing or pulling heavy loads.

Fixed Travel Machine Skates

FT series fixed travel heavy duty dollies are designed to be used in sets of two or more and connected together along an adjustable length alignment bar.  The alignment bar ensures that the fixed travel machine skates stay lined up together, providing for a smooth roll without binding, when moving machines and heavy equipment loads.  Many times a FT series fixed travel heavy duty dolly is used in conjunction with a ST steerable series machine skate to create a SFT series 3-point skate system.

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