Toe Jacks & Heavy Hydraulic Jacks

Toe jacks, heavy hydraulic jacks, compact jacks and lifting cylinders for lifting & maneuvering industrial equipment, large machinery and other heavy loads  TechimpexUSA distributes a full line of lifting products and solutions.  Most products are in stock and ready to ship.

  Heavy duty professional rigging quality toe jacks

Professional Rigging Style Heavy Duty Toe Jacks (P Series)

P-27 • 27.5 tons • $5980
P-11 • 11 tons • $2315
P-5 • 5 tons • $1735

  Bottle style toe jacks

Industrial Bottle Style Toe Jacks (Z Series)

Z-2 • 2 tons • $550
Z-5 • 5 tons • $675
Z-12 • 12 tons • $1045
Z-15 • 15 tons • $2560

  • Bottle style and HD toe jacks feature a thin, low toe height for sliding under low clearance equipment and machinery.
  • Rugged construction for reliable and dependable use in industrial conditions.
  • One year warranty on both bottle-style (Z Series) and HD (P Series) models
  • Bottle style toe jacks manufactured in Japan (1-Yr Warranty)
  • HD toe jacks manufactured in France (1-Yr Warranty)
  Simson Tools compact jacks group image

Versatile and portable compact jacks (CJ Series)

12 models available

  • Compact jacks manufactured by Simson Power Tools in Sweden are incredibly well-built, high-quality jacks
  • Compact, self-contained design is ideal for tight, hard to reach spaces
  • Extremely light and handy with major pushing and pulling force for their size
  • Great for making slight industrial machine adjustments
  • Completely sealed for underwater use
  • Awesome 3-year warranty
  Economical and Rugged Single Acting Lifting Cylinders

Economical and Rugged
Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders (SA Series)


  Low Profile, Dependable Pancake Cylinders

Low Profile, Dependable Pancake Hydraulic Cylinders
(PC Series)

  • Wide variety of lifting cylinders in stock to fit every application
  • High-quality, rugged, durable, industrial-grade cylinders for use in tight spaces with limited clearances
  • Pair with a hydraulic hand pump for a more economical lifting option compared to self-contained pump unit styles
  • All units come equipped with a 3/8" fast-flow, coupler inlet
  • Manufactured in Taiwan (1-Year Warranty)

Hydraulic Hand Pumps

  Hydraulic Hand Pumps For Lifting Cylinders

Hand Pumps for Hydraulic Cylinders
(HP Series)

  • Hydraulic hand pumps are used with the low cost hydraulic single-acting and pancake cylinders for a powerful lifting and manipulating combination
  • 4 different models of hydraulic hand pump are offered
  • Various hose lengths and couplings are available as well