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  • Machine Moving Equipment Made & Sold in Canton, Texas USA
  • Heavy Duty Dolly & Machine Skates for Moving 1 to 100+ Ton Loads
  • Machinery Moving Rollers are Designed for Heavy Duty, Rugged, Industrial Use
  • Rigging Equipment Made With High-Grade, High-Quality, High-Strength AMERICAN Steel
  • Low Clearance Height for Heavy Industrial Machine & Equipment Moving
  • Highest Quality Urethane Rollers Will Not Mark or Damage Flooring
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Dollies & Machine Moving Skates Allow for Multiple Configurations
Heavy Duty Rotating Caster Machine Skate
Toe Jacks
Compact Jacks & More
  • Techimpex USA distributes a full line of industrial, rigging & lifting products
  • Thin toe, low clearance height bottle-style and heavy duty, industrial, hydraulic toe jacks
  • Extremely useful, powerful, low-profile compact jacks
  • Low height, single-acting, & pancake cylinders for economical lifting power
  • Hydraulic hand pumps to compliment the lifting cylinder options
  • All lifting equipment has at least a 1-year warranty (some models more)
Heavy Duty High Quality Rigging Type Toe Jacks Compact=

What type of equipment is used to move a heavy load or industrial machinery?
Equipment used for moving the heavy load can include:

How much does the entire load weigh?
This has to be known to start planning a move.

How will the heavy load be lifted the necessary amount to clear the height
of the machine skates?

Methods for getting the load "up" can include:

Is the weight distributed equally across the heavy load?
It may be necessary to allow for the load being heavier/lighter on one side/end or the other by using equipment dollies with heavier or lighter load capacities on the respective sides/ends of the heavy load being moved.

How many points of contact are necessary when the heavy load is resting
on the machine dollies?
Depending on the weight of the heavy load, the length/width of the load, and the rigidity of the support structure under the heavy load being moved, it may be necessary to use 3, 4, 5, or 6 (even more sometimes) points of contact to give the heavy load the proper support and stability while resting on the equipment skates.

How much force will be needed to move the heavy load once it is resting
on the heavy duty dollies?
Once the heavy load is on the machine moving skates, there must be sufficient means to move/maneuver the heavy load. For lighter loads, as a rule of thumb, one person can move around 2 tons on a smooth, level, debris-free surface. As the weight of the heavy load increases, it will take significantly more manpower (usually forklifts/ power pushers/ wenches) to successfully move and maneuver heavier loads. Please keep in mind that once the heavy load is moving it must be STOPPED as well so extreme caution must be used when tackling a heavy load moving project.

How much maneuverability is needed to guide the heavy load into the desired space?
The ability to turn and rotate the load (space constraints) after it is resting on the machine skates must be evaluated because the different styles of heavy duty equipment dollies available and the configurations in which they are placed will provide varying ranges of maneuverability.

How much pressure is exerted on the surface of the floor?

All of our machine dollies use the same size urethane roller that is 3.25 in. in width and 3.25 in. in diameter. At any one time a heavy load will compress the rollers equating to a footprint of approximately 1 to 1.25 square inches per roller (As the weight on the machine dolly increases, the deformation or flattening increases). It is then a simple calculation to divide the total number of urethane rollers into the total amount of weight on the machine moving skate to figure out the pressure exerted on the floor by each urethane roller. We have provided a convenient chart that shows the pressure exerted by each of our machine skates, equipment dollies and machine dollies when loaded to the maximum weight limit.

Pressure Calculations at Maximum Loads

Can I use the machine skates on a rough or uneven surface?
This is a hard question to give a blanket answer to but we will attempt to offer some guidance. The urethane rollers are designed to not mar floors and as such are fabricated with a urethane material. So, use over a rough but level surface should not affect the usefulness of the heavy duty dollies. However, over time it may tend to pit and deteriorate the surface of the urethane rollers. If, after a period of time, the roller's surface becomes too damaged to work effectively we stock plenty of replacement urethane rollers that can be quickly and conveniently replaced with our unique axle end bolt design.

Sometimes this question is asked in reference to a floor that has excessive cracks. The first thing to keep in mind is that the urethane rollers are only 3.25 in. diameter. As such, any crack or hole in the ground wider than a normal concrete expansion joint can present problems. These can be overcome by rolling the equipment dollies over such areas at an angle which will keep the line of urethane rollers from all dropping into the crack at the same time which will have the effect of bridging the crack. Another solution is to fill the cracks with an acceptable filler of some sort to even out the transition area or to use thin metal plating to bridge the excessive crack.

Another area of concern that comes up is abrupt changes in elevation of the flooring such as a crack in concrete flooring where one side of the crack has heaved up forming a ledge or a quick change in grade like a ramp. Our machine dolly systems are designed for low clearance so that heavy loads do not have to be raised very high in order for the machine moving skates to slide underneath. Consequently, the steel frames run very close to the ground so steps should be taken to use plating, fillers, etc. to overcome significant abrupt ledges in the flooring. Also, anytime a ramp is to be used, it must be a fairly gradual ascent so that the urethane rollers have room to contact the ramp before the frame gets wedged against the ramp.

Please give us a call to discuss any questions you may have about a potential move or the use of our heavy duty machine skates, equipment dollies and machine dollies.



Techimpex USA offers a rental program on most of our machine skates, equipment dollies, machine dollies and toe jacks.

This can be a cost effective method for those who are just needing equipment for a one-time move.

The rental period is for up to 2 weeks.

You can request a quote with shipping costs by submitting a quick quote request or giving us a call toll-free...
(888) 848-0499

Be sure to review the Rental Agreement for full details and conditions.


Machine Skates and Toe Jacks Available for Rental

SFT Series 3 Point Machine Skate,  Equipment Dolly & Machine Dolly Systems RT Series Rotating Caster Machine Skates, Equipment Dollies & Machine Dollies ST Series Steerable Machine Skates, Equipment Dollies & Machine Dollies

FT Series Fixed Travel Machine Skate, Equipment Dolly & Machine Dolly Sets IFT Series Individual Fixed Travel Machine Skates, Equipment Dollies & Machine Dollies Z Series Heavy Duty To Jacks




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You can also contact us by using the quick quote request form on the pricing tab.

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Currently Available
Machine Skate & Lifting Equipment Models

Rotating Caster Machine Skates (RT Series)

RT-2 ($695)RT-4 ($895) · RT-6 ($1295)RT-8 ($1595)RT-10 ($1995)

3 Point Machine Skate Systems (SFT Series)

SFT-8 ($995)SFT-12 ($1295)SFT-16 ($1995)SFT-24 ($2595)
SFT-36 ($3750)SFT-48 ($4995)SFT-64 ($6250)

Steerable Machine Skates (ST Series)

ST-4 ($550)ST-6 ($700)ST-8 ($1200)ST-12 ($1450)
ST-18 ($2160)ST-24 ($2725)ST-32 ($3285)

Fixed-Travel Machine Skates (FT Series)

FT-4 ($445)FT-6 ($595)FT-8 ($795)FT-12 ($1145)
FT-18 ($1590)FT-24 ($2270)FT-32 ($2965)

Individual Machine Skates (IFT Series)

IFT-2 ($185)IFT-3 ($260)IFT-4 ($360)IFT-6 ($535)
IFT-9 ($760)IFT-12 ($1095), IFT-16 ($1445)

Toe Jacks

Z-2 ($550) • Z-5 ($675) • Z-12 ($1045) *Bottle Style
PT-5 ($1735) • PT-11 ($2315) • PT-27 ($5980) *Heavy Duty

Compact Jacks

CJ-1030H ($1145) • CJ1075H ($1430) • CJ-1530 ($1035)
CJ-1575 ($1280) • CJ-2175H ($1930) • CJ-2325H ($1335)
CJ-3030 ($1275) • CJ-3475 ($1700) • CJ-4355H ($2065)
CJ-6255 ($1945) • CJ-11650H ($3965) • CJ-15550 ($3860)

Hydraulic Lifting Cylinders - Single Acting

SA-10 ($305) • SA-20 ($455) • SA-30 ($510)
SA-50 ($630) • SA-100 ($925)

Hydraulic Lifting Cylinders - Pancake Cylinders

PC-5 ($210) • PC-10 ($360) • PC-20 ($600) • PC-30 ($700)
PC-50 ($815) • PC-75 ($1160) • PC-100 ($1505)

Hydraulic Hand Pumps

HP-25 ($300) • HP-42 ($305) • HP-55 ($340) • HP-80 ($390)

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Techimpex USA has been in the equipment dolly and machine skate business for almost 20 years, including the last 6 years and counting in the Dallas, Texas area.  We are both the manufacturer and the direct-to-customer seller of our high-quality machine skates & equipment dollies.  We take pride in our company and we offer a level of service, before, during, and after the sale that matches our superior-grade products.  Accept no substitutes!



image of dollar sign - Value is what Techimpex USA offers

Because we are the manufacturer, not a middle-man distributor, we are able to offer "economy" pricing on our high-quality, heavy duty equipment skates and machine dollies.  We only sell the heavy duty line of machine dollies that we actually manufacture so you can be assured you are getting top-quality every time.



image of sledgehammer - Techimpex USA only offer products of the highest quality and toughness

Our entire line of heavy load machine skates and rigging-quality equipment dollies are made from high-grade, high-strength American steel for superior strength and lifetime, quality construction. We offer an industry-leading
on all of our machine skates, equipment dollies and machine dollies. We build one grade of machine moving equipment and heavy load moving machine skate and that is HEAVY-DUTY!



image of world - Techimpex USA only offer products of the highest quality and toughness and is a full line distributor of lifting products

Techimpex USA distributes a complete line of lifting products (toe jacks, low-profile compact jacks, low-height & pancake lifting cylinders) to complement the heavy duty machine skates & equipment dollies that we manufacture. Just as we manufacture only the highest quality industrial, machine-moving skates and equipment dollies, we only represent the highest-quality lifting products. All of the lifting products we offer come with a minimum of a 1-year warranty (some more.) The brands we carry are known worldwide for their rugged, heavy duty, professional-rigging-quality construction.



Machine Skate & Equipment Dolly Spec Sheets

Rotating Caster Machine Skates (RT Series)


3 Point Machine Skate Systems (SFT Series)


Steerable Machine Skates (ST Series)


Fixed-Travel Machine Skates (FT Series)


Individual Machine Skates (IFT Series)


Lifting Equipment Spec Sheets

Toe JacksCompact Jacks

Single Acting CylindersHand Pumps

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