Equipment Dolly & Moving Skates

SFT series 3-point equipment dolly and moving skates are used for rolling, moving & relocating machines, equipment & other heavy loads in industrial spaces.  SFT series 3-point equipment dolly systems are the classic design for moving skates that have been used for decades.  The front unit provides the same weight capacity as the adjustable width rear set of moving skates.  The combination of the 360 degree swivel pad on the front (ST) unit and the two contact points on the rear (FT) unit provide a stable and highly maneuverable heavy load moving setup that can be pushed or pulled.


SFT-8 equipment dolly

SFT-8 • $995
Capacity: 8 tons
Handle: 36" • Height: 4.25"
Max Rear Width: 40"
Rollers: 8 SD • Weight: 80 lbs

SFT-12 moving skates

SFT-12 • $1295
Capacity: 12 tons
Handle: 36" • Height:4.25"
Max Rear Width: 40"
Rollers: 8 HD • Weight: 80 lbs

SFT-16 equipment dolly

SFT-16 • $1995
Capacity: 16 tons
Handle: 45" • Height: 4.25"
Max Rear Width: 80"
Rollers: 16 SD • Weight:170lbs

SFT-24 moving skates

SFT-24 • $2595
Capacity: 24 tons

Handle: 45" • Height: 4.25"
Max Rear Width: 80"
Rollers:16 HD • Weight:170lbs

SFT-36 equipment dolly

SFT-36 • $3750
Capacity: 36 tons

Handle: 45" • Height: 4.25"
Max Rear Width: 85"
Rollers: 24 HD • Weight: 265 lbs

SFT-48 moving skates

SFT-48 • $4995
Capacity: 48 tons

Handle: 45" • Height: 4.25"
Max Rear Width: 90"
Rollers: 32 HD • Weight: 340 lbs

SFT-64 equipment dolly

SFT-64 • $6250
Capacity: 64 tons

Handle: 45" • Height: 4.25"
Max Rear Width: 90"
Rollers: 48 HD • Weight: 425 lbs


Swivel pad mounted on thrust bearing

The front equipment dolly in the SFT 3-point option features a 360 degree swivel pad mounted on a heavy duty thrust bearing which allows the moving skates to rotate under the load.  This allows the heavy load to be pushed and pulled with precision turning.

Multiple adjustment option on rear machine skates

Equipment dolly rear sets in the SFT 3-point setup features an adjustable alignment bar which gives the user multiple widths to choose.  The alignment bar is easily and quickly adjusted with the convenient rear-facing set screws.  This allows adjustment from behind the moving skates while they are in place.  The alignment bar can be removed or even shortened to just one section for narrow heavy load moving applications. 

Heavy duty strut placement for rugged use

The SFT 3-point front equipment dolly features a heavy duty design that utilizes thick struts between each roller.  This rugged design feature provides a much greater stabilization of an industrial load.

Heavy duty struts mean years of hard use

The rear set of moving skate in the SFT 3-point system also feature the heavy duty design of a thick, beefy strut between each roller.  This unique feature prevents damage to the equipment dolly under extreme conditions.

Bottom view of reinforced tow handle

The front moving skates (ST) of the SFT 3-point system feature a solid, heavily welded and reinforced handle.  This greatly improves the strength of the handle which is especially needed for the turning demands of the ST front steering equipment dolly.

Top view of reinforced handle and eye hook

Just like the bottom of the reinforced handle, the top also features a heavy welded reinforced handle and eye hook mechanism.  This allow for the heavy load to be hooked directly to a forklift or other type of power mover.  Additionally, the cross-wise pull handle facilitates convenient maneuvering capability when positioning the moving skates into place under heavy loads.

Consistent low profile 4.25" height for low clearance

The rear equipment dolly (FT) of the SFT 3-point system feature the same consistent 4.25" height that works across all of the moving skates that TechimpexUSA sells.  This allows for minimal lifting of the heavy machinery or equipment in order to position the heavy load equipment dolly into place.

Front ST machine skate height view

Just like all of TechimpexUSA moving skates, the front (ST) equipment dolly of the SFT 3-point system features an extremely low profile height of just 4.25".  When lifting a piece of heavy industrial machinery, the smallest clearance possible is undoubtedly preferable.  TechimpexUSA moving skates offer the same 4.25" low profile height across the entire product line.