Machine Dolly & Equipment Moving Dollies

FT series fixed travel machine dolly and equipment moving dollies are a cost-effective option for moving heavy industrial equipment and other large loads.  A FT series machine dolly allows for the adjustment and alignment of two (or even more) single equipment moving dollies in a straight line.  The alignment bar ensures even movement of the equipment moving dollies together as the heavy load is moved and rolled.  This prevents one single machine dolly from "walking" in a slightly different direction from the other unit(s) which prevents damage to the machinery or equipment being moved and to the fixed travel equipment moving dollies themselves.  The alignment bar is fully adjustable to fit any heavy load moving project.  The FT series can be used as a stand-alone machine dolly or in conjunction with the ST series steerable equipment moving dollies to make a 3-point contact system (see SFT series).


IFT-2 machine dolly
FT-4 machine dolly

FT-4 • $445
Capacity: 4 tons

Width: 4" • Depth: 7"
Max Width Adjust: 40"
Rollers: 4 SD • Weight: 40 lbs.

IFT-3 equipment moving dollies
FT-6 equipment moving dollies

FT-6 • $595
Capacity: 6 tons

Width: 4" • Depth: 7"
Max Width Adjust: 40"
Rollers: 4 HD • Weight: 40 lbs.

IFT-4 machine dolly
FT-8 machine dolly

FT-8 • $795
Capacity: 8 tons

Width: 8" • Depth: 7"
Max Width Adjust: 80"
Rollers: 8 SD • Weight: 80 lbs.

IFT-6 equipment moving dollies
FT-12 equipment moving dollies

FT-12 • $1145
Capacity: 12 tons

Width: 8" • Depth: 7"
Max Width Adjust: 80"
Rollers: 8 HD • Weight: 80 lbs.

IFT-9 machine dolly
FT-18 equipment moving dollies

FT-18 • $1590
Capacity: 18 tons

Width: 12" • Depth: 7"
Max Width Adjust: 85"
Rollers: 12 HD • Weight: 115 lbs.

IFT-12 equipment moving dollies
FT-24 machine dolly

FT-24 • $2270
Capacity: 24 tons

Width: 16" • Depth: 7"
Max Width Adjust: 90"
Rollers: 16 HD • Weight: 150 lbs.

IFT-16 machine dolly
FT-32 equipment moving dollies

FT-32 • $2965
Capacity: 32 tons

Width: 16" • Depth: 10.5"
Max Width Adjust: 90"
Rollers: 24 HD • Weight: 200 lbs.


FT series equipment dollies rear adjustable alignment bar view

Adjustable alignment bar

A TechimpexUSA fixed travel machine dolly features an adjustable alignment bar to keep two or even more individual equipment moving dollies (IFT) in alignment.  This keeps the heavy load moving straight and keeps the stress on the machine dolly and the industrial equipment to a minimum.

IFT-9 machine dolly heavy duty strut design view

Heavy duty strut design

FT series fixed travel equipment moving dollies are built for heavy, rugged, industrial use and feature a thick, welded strut between each set of rollers.  This makes for a much more stable movement and contributes to the longevity of the machine dolly.

FT series equipment moving dollies low clearance view

Low profile for ease of use

Like all the models in the TechimpexUSA machine dolly line, the FT series fixed travel equipment moving dollies exhibit the low profile, low clearance characteristic that is so crucial in heavy load moving.  The less work and time needed to lift up the load, the faster and more efficient the heavy machinery move will be.

FT series machine dolly rear view of adjustable bar set screw

Easy adjusting set screw

The TechimpexUSA FT series equipment moving dollies are fully adjustable from side by side to a maximum width dictated by the length of the alignment bar.  The easy to adjust set screw is also located on the back of the individual machine dolly.  This means the equipment moving dollies can be adjusted while under the load rather than having to be pulled out and put back into place after adjustment.