Heavy Duty Dollies & Machinery Skates

RT series rotating machinery skates and heavy duty dollies are used for moving heavy loads, machinery and equipment in the most versatile manner possible.  TechimpexUSA RT Series rotating dollies are the most adaptable and maneuverable models offered. The 360 degree rotating caster means that loads can be turned in any direction and even rotated in place if necessary.  This model of rotating skate is normally used in a set of three or more units that can sufficiently support and facilitate the movement of heavy loads and equipment.


RT-2 machinery skates

RT-2 • $795
Capacity: 2 tons
Width: 19" • Depth: 18" • Height: 4.25"
Rollers: 3 SD • Pad: 6.5"
Weight: 70 lbs.

RT-2 heavy duty dollies

RT-4 • $995
Capacity: 4 tons
Width: 19" • Depth: 18" • Height: 4.25"
Rollers: 3 HD • Pad: 6.5"
Weight: 70 lbs.

RT-6 machinery skates

RT-6 • $1425
Capacity: 6 tons
Width: 22" • Depth: 25" • Height: 4.25"
Rollers: 5 SD • Pad: 6.5"
Weight: 125 lbs.

RT-8 heavy duty dollies

RT-8 • $1725
Capacity: 8 tons

Width: 22" • Depth: 25" • Height: 4.25"
Rollers: 5 HD • Pad: 6.5"
Weight: 125 lbs.

RT-10 heavy duty dollies

RT-10 • $2195
Capacity: 10 tons
Width: 26" • Depth: 29" • Height: 4.25"
Rollers: 6 HD • Pad: 6.5"
Weight: 150 lbs.


RT-2 heavy duty dollies with optional swivel pad attachment

RT-SWVL • $125
Height w/ Swivel Pad Attachment: 6.1" 

An optional 360 degree swivel pad can be added for additional maneuverability especially in precise machine moving situations.  Swivel pad assembly simply mounts through the center hole of the rotating heavy duty dollies and can be easily and quickly removed for use of the rotating machinery skate in the normal configuration.  The swivel pad mechanism is the same unit that is used on the ST series steerable heavy duty dollies.

RT-8 machinery skates with optional handle attachment

RT-HAN • $150

An optional handle and eye hook attachment is available for all models of the RT rotating machinery skates.  The handle and eye hook facilitate an easier method of moving a heavy load, eliminating the need to pull or push directly on the heavy equipment or machinery that is being moved.  The rotating heavy duty dolly handle is attached or removed in seconds with a simple and effective locking mechanism.


RT-2 machinery skates bottom view

360 Degree Caster Rotation 

RT rotating machinery skates are designed with easy turning casters which rotate in a full 360 degree circle on two heavy duty tapered roller bearings.  The free turning casters provide the highest level of maneuverability for those heavy machinery moving jobs that require both precision and rugged tools. 

RT-6 heavy duty dollies front heavy plate design view

Heavy Duty Design 

RT rotating machinery dollies are built with a thick top plate that will handle tons and tons of heavy equipment and machinery.  The substantial plate offers the user the opportunity to weld on custom attachments providing tremendous versatility for equipment and industrial load moving needs.  Perfect for rigging jobs that require a specialized interface with the heavy load. 

RT series heavy duty dollies handle view

Convenient Carrying Handle

RT rotating heavy duty dollies are designed with a built in carrying handle that provides pinch-free handling.  The heavier RT models feature a wider handle that provides a method for two people to carry the rotating machinery skates more comfortably.  Additionally, when moving heavy loads and industrial equipment, the rugged built in handle also provides a place for wrapping chains and other pulling gear to facilitate a successful machine move.

RT-10 machinery skates two hand carrying view
RT series machinery skates recessed spindle view

Recessed Spindle Design 

The RT rotating heavy duty dollies feature a spindle design that is recessed within the caster body.  This provides additional clearance on uneven surfaces when moving heavy equipment and machinery.  Additionally, the design features a washer/dust cap assembly to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime in the bearing housing. 

RT series heavy duty dollies welded caster view

Heavy Welded Construction

RT rotating heavy duty dollies are designed with the rugged, demanding industrial moving world in mind.  Each caster spindle is welded on both the top and bottom of the carrying plate and the bottom weld provides a solid 5 inch bead which is more than adequate for the rated weight capacity of each rotating dolly.  Additionally, the collared welding design feature provides more room for the caster to clear the carrying plate body when rotating freely under a heavy machinery load.