Equipment Dollies & Machine Rollers

Details and highlights of the innovative and unique design features of American made,
heavy load moving equipment dollies & machine rollers by TechimpexUSA.


Urethane Rollers for equipment dollies

Urethane Rollers

The highest quality urethane rollers are used on TechimpexUSA equipment dollies.  They are extremely durable and long-lasting, providing the non-marking and non-damaging demands of sensitive flooring.  They are perfectly at home in harsh environments as well where toughness is paramount.  Various models of machine rollers use either an SD (black) roller or a HD (white) roller.  Note, that the color difference is for identification purposes only.  The highest quality of the urethane is the same in both versions.  The SD version is used for the lighter load equipment dollies and feature a single set of bearings.  The HD version is for heavier load moving applications and contains a double set of bearings.  The bearings in either type roller are completely sealed to ensure years of effective use in any environment.


Bent Plate Design For Strength

FT and IFT series machine rollers feature and innovative bent-plate design that maximizes strength while eliminating welds.  This design fits right in line with the heavy duty industrial demands of TechimpexUSA customers.  These equipment dollies and machine rollers will provide year after year of dependable and durable use.

Heavy Duty Handle and Eye Hook

SFT and ST series equipment dollies feature a reinforced, welded handle that facilitates pushing or pulling a heavy load.  The design is rugged and durable enough to handle the most demanding industrial rigging and moving projects.

Low Profile, Low Clearance Height

All TechimpexUSA machine rollers and equipment dollies feature a consistent low profile design for handling low clearance heavy loads and machinery.  The fact that over 30 models of TechimpexUSA machine rollers are the same low profile height of 4.25 in. from floor to the top of the friction pads provides for a tremendous amount of flexibility.  All of the equipment dollies offered can be interchanged to produce multiple configurations to fit almost any heavy equipment moving situation.  Some of the most common configurations include the tried and true, classic 3-point equipment dollies design which allows for suitable control of the heavy load with a machine roller that can handle tremendous industrial loads.  Another great configuration option is utilizing multiple rotating skates around the perimeter of the load.  A typical move would consist of using 4 rotating equipment dollies which provides the most versatile heavy load moving capability.  A third popular option is to use rotating machine rollers  (RT series) with an optional handle in conjunction with a set of fixed travel equipment dollies.  This provides excellent maneuverability with the cost effectiveness of including the fixed travel sets in the configuration.  

Friction Pads

The high-quality, rugged friction pads included with every model of machine rollers that TechimpexUSA offers are an important, but often overlooked design feature.  Friction pads serve to both protect and facilitate the movement of machine and equipment.  First, the friction pad serves as a buffer of material between the heavy load and the equipment dollies to prevent damage to the finish of the machinery.  Second, the friction pad helps to keep the heavy load from shifting during a move by providing a "grabbing" surface which serves to keep the machinery being moved properly located on the equipment dollies surface.  The friction pads are glued onto the surface of the machine rollers by an expensive, high-quality, industrial adhesive product that serves to solidly attach the pad to the equipment dollies for years to come.


Thick-Plate Strut Design

Most SFT, ST and FT series machine rollers feature a heavy duty strut design.  This rugged detail places a thick-plated strut between each set of rollers.  This helps to stabilize the load when moving heavy machinery and puts less stress on the axles and frame of the equipment dollies.  This ensures the longevity of the machine rollers leading to years of satisfied and successful use.

Rugged and Durable Handles

IFT, FT and RT series equipment dollies all feature a handy and rugged handle for industrial use.  The handle on the IFT and FT models is great for not only carrying and maneuvering the equipment skate into place, but can also double as a place to attach a hook or chain.  The handles cut into the thick top plate of the RT series machine rollers provide a convenient method of carrying.  The slots are big enough to comfortably fit an adult hand and the larger tonnage models feature a longer slot that accommodates two people walking side by side to transport the equipment skate.